Wednesday, 27 April 2011


It seems every time I look into my future prospects, it seems less necessary to go to university.

I THINK I want to get into the gaming industry, but a lot of jobs just need the skills, and some experience.
What I'm thinking is I'd rather spend 3-4 years developing my current skills in art and programming, and maybe working towards developing my own game with a friend, all the while looking for prospective jobs.

This would save me time, effort and money, and it just seems better than going to uni. Sure I miss out on the university experience but it sounds mostly bullshit anyways, I can go out and party when I want.

I'd like to move out from home soon anyway, a couple of friends are staying in Sheffield for university, so I could house up with them for a year or two while I carry on doing my thing.

I don't know, it just seems everyone tells me to go to university, but the more I look into it the less appealing it is.


  1. I believe it is purely subjective whether university is useful or not. I personally do not think it's that important. Maybe it's just Australia? :)

  2. At least get a degree. Odds are, when looking for a job, you'll be compared to others looking for the same job (its a flooded market, yaknow. Looking between someone with any bullshit degree and someone with no degree at all, the choice will always be the same. Major in Video Game Design, at least.

  3. You can always go to a community college. It's cheaper and you can see if school is right for you. At least you'll be getting some credits.

  4. Now-a-days, a degree mostly serves as proof that you can be trained. As long as you get a degree, you can tailor your skills in your free time to do whatever you want. College isn't manditory, but it sure helps others know that you can be trusted with responsibilities. Your choice...

  5. u have a nice plan and im sure you will do good, as long as u stick to it, altough u should still consider very carefully goin to college, u could find something that goes according to your original plan too...good luck

  6. You can pull this off, but you really need to be good at programming