Monday, 30 May 2011

Technology and the Future

Technology is obviously a massive part of everyone's lives. If we went back say 60 years in time and tried to live like we do now, most people (at least those of my age) would end up curled up in the foetal position in some dark room somewhere waiting for the next leap to be the leap that took them home. Or for Marty McFly to come scoop them up into his weedy arms and ride off into the sunset.

But that isn't going to happen. Nobody is going to go back in time because it's sort of impossible (and if it was invented you wouldn't be able to go back any further than when the time machine was first invented. probably). Embracing change is part of human nature and culture, the only reason we even survived is because we could adapt, and now with advances in technology we don't even have reason to evolve.

Recently there have been developments in digital media, changing things to the extent that physical things like hard drives and even books may become obsolete, and this has become a concern for some people. My cousin Chlo, who recently completed an English course at Manchester University has expressed concern over the fact that books are soon become obsolete, being replaced with things such as Kindles. Her words specifically were "what if your children never got to see a book?" Now the first thing that comes to my mind is; so what? Just because they haven't got physical books doesn't mean they won't have the opportunity to read. If I ever do trick a woman into having children with me, then I will sure as hell make sure they'll have a few books under their belt, but I honestly don't give a fuck over whether they read it from paper or off a screen. And besides, until the world's entire supply of literature has all been translated to a digital format books won't be dying any time soon. People still buy vinyl for a variety of reasons, so books, while maybe becoming less popular, would not completely cease to exist.

I made a post a while ago about a band called Ayreon, headed by Arjen Anthony Lucassen. Arjen has a big concern about becoming too dependant on machines, leading to some next matrix-like future. This shows in his music, especially a recent album, 01011001 which dealt with a race whos technology had progressed so far they had become dependant on it, and had lost all sense of emotion. I think there are a few people who actually are scared of this sort of situation taking place, but if it DOES happen it's going to be a very fucking long time, and I'm pretty sure even the idea of it is unrealistic considering resources and politics.

Anyways my main point is that people should not be scared of technology, they should embrace of it. Instead of avoiding what you don't know about, you should make the effort to learn more and adapt, as humans do. Advances in technology are usually for the better, and the only thing that worries me is companies exploiting it, like Amazon making your digital books "expire" which would be fucking ridiculous.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

To my followers/those who care

More shameless self promotion but I would reeeaaally like people to get following my other blog, most of my effort will probably be going into that one from now on, but I may still post here occasionally. Seems a waste to just leave 100 followers behind.

Link is here.

Friday, 6 May 2011


In the wake of this disappointing week for the young Liberal Democrat voter, I have decided to exercise my democratic muscles and join a party.

While I voted Lib Dem in the council elections, I don't think I can convince myself that supporting Clegg would be a good idea. I'm not going to change my political views just because of one man's grave errors. He's getting enough shit for it as it is.

So instead of joining a mainstream party that could let me down, I figured why the fuck not and joined something a little more in line with my personal interests.

The Pirate Party UK.
Haters gonna hate.