Thursday, 30 June 2011

This week I've been figuring out my exercise regime, I bought some dumbbells to work out with, as I don't have a gym membership, and my old weights fell apart somehow.

Found a few websites which offer great plans with reasonable goals that are pretty good if you don't really know what you're doing, like me. Couch to 5K and hundred pushups are just two of the many options out there. I also found another handy startup guide here.

Starting the hundred pushups regime, coupled with testing out my new weights, has managed to wreck my muscles. Probably my fault for not warming up/down properly, but what the hell. No pain no gain.


  1. GJ starting with an exercise program, the hardest part is starting and staying consistent, good luck

  2. Good luck, I bought myself a set of dumbells, used them every day for about 2 months, and now they have been under the bed for a good 2 months since.

    In fact, since reading this i'm gonna bring them back out of retirement!

    I lost the drive, let's see if I can get this going again !

  3. I do parkour, as my blog says :P, really ANYONE can do it. Core work outs may be demotivating for some, in parkour i get fit through leisure. maybe you should try it :) +follow

  4. Man, I REALLY need to start my exercises back up again. Laziness be DAMNED!