Monday, 1 August 2011


Fuck. After a strange turn of events I managed to get a full time job over the summer in the web development section of the company my mum works for.

This was both good and bad

I lost all the time I wanted to use to do everything I detailed in my last posts, and also blog posts. But on the other hand I gain money, and probably quite a bit of it.

Except the first week of the job has been a farce, the manager of the IT department was supposed to organize things such as my pay and contract, but I got a call today off the man who I spoke to weeks ago about working here, and he didn't even know that I'd started, and finally asked for my national insurance number and referenfces. So I'd been working a week and nothing had even been sorted out. Granted today apparently the papers came through to sort out my pay, but if they aren't sorted soon then my pay could be delayed until something like the end of September.

 And on top of all that, for the past week I haven't even been DOING any work, they've given me a few things to do, but essentially I have been left to my own devices, to practice my HTML and Javascript and so on. This gets boring. Especially since I could be doing it at home, yet I have to force myself out of bed at 7AM to do nothing useful for 8 hours. Mum gets annoyed if I say I don't want to work until the end of August, but I honestly don't think it's even worth the money. My health is getting worse for one, because when I get home I'm too tired to exercise properly. It doesn't help that there is a machine that gives out free coffee.

I have a lot of complaints about this place, and I even decided to write a diary of WHY I hate it so much, and about the people working there. It's handwritten in a small notebook which is in my desk at work. I'll start bringing it home and typing some bits out maybe.

When it comes to negotiating a contract, I will be swindling myself less work. I have gone past caring about consequences.


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  2. Been there man, I worked in such a place for 4 years. Not all was bad though, but your post brought back some memories

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